According to The Economic Times Professor Moshe Vardi of Rice University says half of the worldwide population will lose their jobs to robots by 2045.  

One of the job sectors he identified as being in specific trouble is professional drivers. The problem, however, is not limited to that alone. The advancements in robot technologies have jumped leaps and bounds. The question this professor raises in it's simplest form is if the robots are doing all the work, what will we do? I'm sure many people have a quick answer for that. Most people have a hobby or leisure activity that drives them but is that enough? We can't all be kayaking and basket weaving around the clock. We will drive ourselves crazy.

I don't know what is what but I can tell you no robot is getting my job. They can claw it from my dead, lifeless hands. They do have robots now that are starting to feel pain, emotions and can even develop a sense of humor. I have been in training though with my sense of humor. I have been doing sense of humor exercises and lemme tell you my sense of humor is benching like 425. I have developed the world's first Crossfit gym for laughs. Come and get me metal head.



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