In April of 2021, the Hartford Courant reported that the Connecticut Supreme Court would hear a case questioning the state's long history of addressing gender, privacy, and discrimination.

The specific argument before the court was, "Are women-only spaces in public coed gyms legal or illegal?" On Tuesday, according to NBC CT, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled against women.

In May of last year, the court began hearing arguments on the case when two men claimed they were being discriminated against at Edge Fitness in Stratford and Bloomfield at Club Fitness. The men claimed they had to wait to use certain gym apparatus when on many occasions those same machines in the women's section of the gym were not being used.

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The case was initially heard by the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO), which sided with the gym. The two men made several appeals to the CHRO's decision, where eventually it landed on the CT's Supreme Court docket. Unfortunately, reading through the legalese during the appeals process was cruel and unusual punishment.

I attempted to read the original 14-page document citing the court's decision and found it impossible to understand. There must be a course in law school called "The Art of Writing in Legalese." I give you the Connecticut Supreme Court's decision in one sentence.

Private women-only exercise areas in gyms open otherwise to both men and women violate a state anti-discrimination law.


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