Here we go again.

'Tis the season to scratch those nasty itches from those pesky mosquitoes. For the most part, there is no getting away from them, but we all should try to take as much precaution as we can, especially with this news.

In a report from the website, the state is confirming that mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile virus in Connecticut for the first time this year. The mosquitoes were trapped as by the State of Connecticut Mosquito Management Program. Officials say mosquitoes that were trapped on June 19th in New Canaan tested positive for West Nile. Dr. Philip Armstrong, Medical Entomologist at the CAES stated on the site:

The first West Nile virus positive mosquitoes of the season have been identified. This is one of the earlier detections of virus recorded during the last 20 years of the statewide monitoring program

In case you wanted to know, the  CAES has 91 mosquito-trapping stations in 72 cities and towns around Connecticut. They begin mosquito trapping and testing in June and continues into October. Positive findings are reported to local health departments and on the CAES website at

Be careful my friends, it's a buggy jungle out there.

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