Hello fellow positive thinkers, when I was in 7th grade, my teacher, Mr. Hewlitt introduced the concept of positive thought and thinking to our class. What he taught us that week in 1982 has had such a profound effect on my life. Since then, I've been drawn to people and businesses that spread positive vibes. I unexpectedly found a wall of positivity, literally, at a cafe in Torrington Sunday morning.

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Mrs. Large and I stopped into Crumbs at 33 Franklin Street in Torrington Sunday morning to get our coffee and bagel fix. As we were ordering, I glanced down and saw a bunch of cute little clothes pins, next to a pile of sticky notes, with the handwritten message of - 'PVO - Positive Vibes Only! Write a Positive Vibe and Pin it to the Green Wall".

Love it Crumbs. I love most of the PVO messages that you have left too. Quite a few used their moment to shout out a favorite food item, server, or family member, but there were a few that resonated. I present a few of my favorite positive vibes on the Green Wall at Crumbs in Torrington.

Positive Vibes Radiate From the Walls of this Torrington Cafe

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