Summer means a lot of things, to a lot of people.

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It means trips to the beach, the lake, boat rides, carnivals and sweat. It's the common denominator of a time period we yearn for, the rest of the year, and it's quantifiable if you believe a new study published by My Dating Advisor.

The M.D.A. website set out to see what are the sweatiest cities in America? They only considered the 200 Largest Metro Cities in America, and the numbers are in, Bridgeport is not all that sweaty. Bridgeport was named the 171st sweatiest city in America. How about the Top 5? The results are not all that surprising:

1 - Orlando, FL

2 - Corpus Christi, TX

3 - Baton Rouge, LA

4 - New Orleans, LA

5 - Tallahassee, FL

How did they come to these results? They examined the following categories, the average summer temperatures length of summer seasons, relative humidity, days above 90 degrees per year, exercise rates and population density in each city.

I'm going to say it, and I know it's not going to sound great, I love seeing ladies sweat. I've had this conversation many times WITH LADIES so I know exactly how creepy that sounds. However, nobody loses their mind if a woman says she likes to see a man who is all sweaty so, you can't have it both ways. Some people dig sweat to a certain extent. A drop of sweat down someone's bare back = good, upper-lip sweat = bad.

P.S. Summer is not only sweat season but it's insanely specific metrics season. Pay close attention to the news that is available to you in the summer. You'll see that nonsensical study and poll results fill your feed and hard news, is hard to find.

A Curious Excursion in an Underground Brookfield Tunnel

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Inside Bridgeport's Fading Relic: Remington Arms

For over 50 years Remington Arms was one of the most vital companies located in Bridgeport, CT and their facility was monstrous. Today, there is a shell of the Remington Arms factory leftover in Bridgeport. The property is located on Barnum Avenue and it’s become a must-see spot for ghost hunters and fans of abandoned properties. 

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A churro is a fried dough dessert found in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. When covered in cinnamon and dipped in Dulce De Leche, it's one of my favorites. The question with anything worth having is, how far do I have to go to get it? If you live in Danbury or Brookfield, you are not going far at all. And, I'd put our churros in Danbury + Brookfield's up against any churro you can get anywhere. These are some of Danbury + Brookfield's Best Churro Spots.

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