Van Zandt. If you're a fan of The Sopranos, I'm sure the loss of Tony Sirico struck you like a ton of bricks, I loved him, and everything he did on-screen made me howl with laughter. Well, Vincent 'Big Pussy' Pastore is coming to perform live in Pawling, so, take care of that thing for me, and let's go.

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The Sopranos cast was filled with actors who are also gifted musically. Obviously, Little Steven 'Silvio Dante' Van Zandt springs to mind first, but I've seen Dominic 'Uncle Junior' Chianese, Vincent 'Johnny Sack' Curatola, and Michael 'Christopher Moltisanti' Imperioli among other cast members, perform locally over the years, mostly in New York City clubs and smaller venues.

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Now we have a chance to see Pussy Bompinsero...uh...I mean Big Pussy, this Thursday in Pawling, NY. Vincent Pastore's Gangster Squad will perform live at Daryl's House on Rt. 22 this Thursday evening, July 14, 2022, at 8PM. What can you expect? Here's a YouTube video from one of their performances in Asbury Park.

Yes, it sounds just like you think it's going to sound - Big Pussy singing, but, isn't that the allure? Michael Imperioli's band Zopa never appears North of Westchester, Domenic Chianese has played Toad's in New Haven, and Little Steven...well, those tickets are going to be expensive when E-Street comes around again. Hey, Daryl's House tickets aren't 4 dollars a pound, but neither is the opportunity to see Vincent Pastore sing an Impressions classic with your own eyes.

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