Did you see the event called 'Blunts & Bingo' appear in your social media feeds last night? It caught my attention after fellow group members shared the homemade flyer on Waterbury-related Facebook & Instagram groups

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'Blunts & Bingo' was scheduled from 6:30PM to 10:30 PM, on July 10, 2022, at 'The Banquet Hall at 910 Wolcott St - Waterbury, CT 06705'. The $50 admission fee included 'One edible, one bingo card, door prize ticket, and a plate of infused food. (Wings, Spanish rice, toss salad with infuse dressing) $5 each additional bingo card. $10-$20 raffles. Everybody wins.'

Most of the comments from fellow group members were hilarious, with many pointing out that the timing of the flyer's posting was after the actual event had already started. Many commenters were sad that they had missed out on their chance to play Bingo, while getting really baked. There were a couple of cautious commenters also, along the likes of 'Be careful, it's illegal to gift weed'. Which is absolutely true.

I saw a few months ago that Connecticut has cracked down on some of the loopholes surrounding cannabis sales, in the wake of recreational legalization. A few pop-up cannabis-related gifting events occurred in Hamden earlier this year, before local and state officials caught the smell of skunk coming from a local assembly hall, and shut things down for good.


So that's why there wasn't a lot of pre-hype for 'Blunts & Bingo' in Waterbury. If you dug a little deeper as to where the event was taking supposed to take place - 'The banquet Hall at 910 Wolcott Street in Waterbury', you would have ended up in the parking lot of Walmart, and the Dollar Store. Is there a new banquet hall in the Dollar Store or Liberty Court Apartments? Did anyone actually attempt to or go last night?

It's only a matter of time: Recreational cannabis sales, home delivery of product, and more cannabis-infused edible products than you have ever dreamed of are mere months away in Connecticut, and Bingo and Blunts sounds like a fun idea, right?

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