Popeye's latest press release included a picture of their infamous chicken sandwich with the words “I’m Back” according to Fox News. The anticipated return date is set for November 3. The company sold out of the sandwiches just two weeks after it's debut this past summer. If you remember, the chicken sandwich shortage caused more than it's fair share of problems.

In early September a Houston, TX man, allegedly pulled a gun at a Popeye's after he was told they were out of the sandwich. In another incident in late August, an overwhelmed Popeye's employee in Florida collapsed under the pressure of chicken sandwich orders, no they literally collapsed. A Brooklyn Popeye's was the scene of this brawl that witnesses say was due to the chicken shortage.

I hope it's clear to you, as it is to me, that Popeye's never ran out of these chicken sandwiches, this is a supply marketing campaign and it's worked brilliantly. You never hear of McDonald's running out of burgers because there is no shortage, these are massive companies that don't swing and miss on quantities as bad as Popeye's wants us to believe they missed on this.

Chickens are everywhere, there is no chicken shortage, at all. I saw a chicken running down White Street in Danbury, CT, two weeks ago. There is an endless supply of chickens so don't give me that nonsense Popeye's. If you have a hard time believing me, I guarantee you they run out of these sandwiches again, you'll see. I'll win this chicken wager and win it big.

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