Well, that (poop) escalated quickly.

Three men were arrested in Bridgeport Sunday morning when an argument over dog poop led to the stabbings of two men and a dog.

According to a report in the CT Post, Police were called to a Park Avenue neighborhood after reports of a fight. When officers arrived, they found two men, Christian Rodriguez and Ryan Bray, with minor stab wounds. Rodriguez' dog was stabbed as well.

According to the police report, Rodriguez and Kirk Brown got into an altercation when Rodriguez allowed his dog to do his business near Brown's property. Bray reportedly joined the fight, and the two men and the dog were allegedly stabbed by Brown, who had a "small knife."

All three men were arrested: Rodriguez and Bray for breach of peace and third-degree assault, and Brown for cruelty to animals and second-degree assault. The dog was treated by a veterinarian for a minor stab wound.

People take dog poop pretty seriously. The pictured sign is from my street, where about this time last year the dog poop epidemic had reached crisis proportions. Good thing the dogs learned how to read, or sleepy New Milford might have been the next Bridgeport in terms of dog poop fights. You could say we got our (poop) together just in time.

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