UPDATE as of 1/3/23 4:30 PM: The source was unfortunately incorrect and FAT Brands says they will not be opening in the near future.

Since 2017, FAT Brands has owned Ponderosa Steakhouse. While we are always looking to build upon our presence, there are no active plans to open in Chicopee and West Springfield, MA with the JK Polk Investment Group. To date, the global franchising company has had no affiliation with the JK Polk Investment Group.


I would love to be able to experience another piece of our childhood again. It was an all-time favorite for so many.

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Ponderosa Steakhouse, a national chain of steakhouse/buffet restaurants, had about 600 locations in 1989. There were Ponderosa locations across Connecticut, including Danbury, Waterbury, Southington, Stratford, and Groton. Then came the 90's, consolidation, closures, etc. As of 2022, there were 17 Ponderosa Steakhouses in the United States, the closest to Connecticut is one right outside Pittsburgh. That will change in 2023.

Ponderosa Steakhouse was alleged to open up another location this summer, according to wwlp.com, but we have since found out that that information is false.

My parents took us to the Ponderosa in Waterbury all the time, and I loved inhaling the 10oz sirloin, or the one-pound T-bone they served up with warm baked potatoes. Those shrimp, the corn on the cob, and a real salad bar. The only thing that I didn't like were the Ponderosa steak knives, they were so flimsy. My wife is absolutely delighted, she has the same warm memories of Ponderosa as I do. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before we see Ponderosas in Connecticut, we have pizza and burgers galore, but a good, cheap steakhouse is hard to come by.

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