Love and passion, it's what 50% of the world's songs are written about.

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Losing love and depression, are what the other 50% is about. It's almost that time, a lot of us are about to lose that loving feeling, or get dropped ourselves. Why? Because about half of couples' breakups occur between Nov 1 and January 31st. We may be suckers for the holidays but they sure have a way of killing relationships.

A new study from says that twenty-two of the fifty U.S. States begin their searches for "how to break up" in that time period and CT residents take the New Year very seriously. The study gets alarmingly specific, stating that most Connecticut relationships experience their death-rattle between January 2nd and January 8th.

woman cutting a heart toy with knife

You're thinking it, you're wondering, which states have the most savage endings? Where are they most likely to break up on Christmas? This is what HerNorm had to say about Christmas executions:

"Strategical scrooges in Vermont, Utah, and Arizona are most likely to plan a break-up before the festivities and gift giving commence, while couples in Kentucky are searching for ways to break up as close as Christmas Day." 

Our New York neighbors are big into "Spring Cleaning." New Yorkers begin their "how to breakup" search between April 3rd and April 9th. New Jersey residents wait until after their summer vacation "down the shore" gets ruined. The Garden State starts the ugly process between August 21st and August 28th.


Methodology: Data was sourced from Google Trends, dates Oct 24 2021 – October 23 2022 using the key word ‘How to break up”. Search Volumes were measured across this time period to analyse when each state had the highest volumes (100).

I'm rooting for you crazy kids, so hang in there. Hell, I'm rooting for me too, relationships are hard.

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