Glitz, glamour and gobs of cash, that is what a lot of Americans think of when they think of Connecticut.

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Those of us who live here know that those things, are a part of life here but they may not be our personal reality, it's certainly not mine. One Tik-Toker that goes by the name @kenziereyess made that point with some shocking and contrasting visuals in a short video recently.

@kenziereyess like #HaloSilverTeam #OscarsAtHome #LizzosBigGrrrls #WomenOwnedBusiness #AEMembersAlways #ct #fyp #connecticut #connecticutlife #connecticutcheck #greenscreen ♬ rocking a cardigan in atlanta - :)

For many of us, there is a middle, somewhere between these two clashing realities. But a lot of America, doesn't know that, or refuses to consider it. I'll tell you this much, CT gets a lot of attention on social media. Each week there are ten new videos pointing out what sucks about the Nutmeg State. Like this one where some kid (@jacobbanasiak) ranks the top 5 cities in CT.

@jacobbanasiak TOP 5 Cities in Connecticut #travel #top5 #connecticut #bestcities ♬ original sound - Kuba 101

That is the hilarious thing about social media, this kid doesn't have to base this rundown on anything but his opinion. He should call it the Top 5 cities according to Jacob but that doesn't have the same ring to it.

Here's another opinion piece from @jimyofficial that last seconds and is wrong. This person says CT has the worst malls. Is that true?

@jimyofficial Most boring malls ever 💀😮‍💨 #ct #connecticut #mall #westfarms ♬ original sound - jimyofficial

If you consider the existence of Danbury Fair Mall, that cannot be true. I've been to a lot of malls and Danbury Fair is one of the best. They are certainly the best at keeping their stores relevant and shoppers coming in.

Opinions are like A-holes, right? Everyone has them but in CT, it seems everyone has several thousand A-holes.

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