Interstate 95 runs from Exit 2 to Exit 93 in the Nutmeg State, going from Delavan Avenue to Clarks Falls Road and every inch of it is dangerous, especially during the holidays.

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It's not just the Constitution State that is concerning, all of I-95 is considered dangerous. According to a new study by the Zebra, I-95 was ranked number 1 on their new list of the 10 Most Dangerous Roads in America.

1 - I-95

2 - I-20

3 - I-5

4 - I-75

5 - I-35

So, how did the Zebra reach this conclusion? This is the method they used:

"We focused on highways with the most fatal accidents in 2019. We used 2019 data because the NHTSA has yet to release its full data for 2020 and 2021.To determine the fatality rate, we looked at motor vehicle deaths per 100 miles for each highway across the U.S"

The scariest thing and the most important takeaway about I-95, is it had the most fatalities (284) per 100 miles in 2019. Folks in the Northeast (us/we) are responsible for a lot of those fatalities, particularly in the winter months. The number of fatalities have increased year-over-year despite the dip in folks traveling due to how COVID altered the business world.

How do we fix this and save lives? Well, the safety tips provided are painfully obvious. These are some of the suggestions.

  • Be extra alert: This seems obvious, but try to be extra alert when driving on dangerous highways. Act as if you’re driving in poor road conditions (heavy rain or snow or poor visibility).
  • Plan ahead: If you’re traveling long distances on a road trip or for work, plan ahead. Consider when you’ll be hitting heavy traffic areas and the weather conditions throughout your trip.
  • Rest: If you feel drowsy, take a break and let someone else drive or pull off in a safe place for a quick nap. Here are some keen warning signs of drowsy driving: yawning or blinking frequently, difficulty recalling the past few miles driven, missing exits or drifting from your lane.
  • Obey traffic laws: Always obey the traffic laws. Not only will this prevent you from receiving a ticket, but you’re less likely to get into a fatal car accident if you’re obeying the speed limit and other traffic regulations.

Oh, so you're saying I should be alert and follow the law? Why didn't I think of that?

I was never a fearful driver, but that is changing. By my observation, people are less skilled and more aggressive every year. So basically, nothing is going to change, except the number of fatalities will likely increase, that is pretty sad.

This topic came up in conversation on the I-95 Morning Show on National Seat Belt Safety Day (11/14/22). Dave and I were discussing the evolution of seat belts and seat belt P.S.A.s when I entered I-95's #1 danger ranking into the conversation. This allowed Dave to showoff a unique skill he developed during his days as a traffic reporter, listen below.

P.S. A very interesting and specific stat came out of the study. They found that a whopping 16.8% of fatal crashes happened on a Saturday in 2019. More of us should stay home and watch college football.

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