According to WFSB, Hartford Police say they have arrested an unnamed suspect after a driver of a dirt bike allegedly hit a pedestrian on Monday (April 29). Police say the operator of the dirt bike was driving illegally on Hartford streets and struck a woman at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Woodland Street.

Nearby officers, on private construction duty say they chased the suspect on foot and detained them. The driver is said to have been charged with eight violations. No other details are available at this time.

Hilarious. If you start out on a dirt bike (allegedly) and end up tackled by a cop, on foot, in an orange vest (allegedly) you are a nipple-faced, clown. As far as crime goes, this one, as a concept is so simple, this is your classic joyride. All you need to do is to ride, be filled with joy and do not run into a pedestrian. If you check all these boxes you are getting away with a joyride like 91% of the time. The cops will be the first to admit that, especially when it's a dirt bike.

On a dirt bike, you can make maneuvers the cops cannot on foot or in a car. If you can't elude the police on a dirt bike you are not fit for crime and should never operate a dirt bike. Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula.

P.S. In fairness, some cops have their issues with dirt bikes.

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