Police arrested a Long Island, NY woman on Thursday (12/5/19) at a TGI Friday's. According to the NY Post, the arrest came after Skylar Williams, allegedly, attempted to strike an employee with a liquor bottle she grabbed from behind the restaurants counter. The 32 year old was charged with robbery, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a controlled substance charges.

The report states that Williams was enjoying the "All You Can Eat App" special and asked for a doggy bag to take some home. When she was denied, police say she went behind the bar to grab her own "to-go" container, grabbed a bottle of liquor and attempted to hit an employee with it. Authorities say, she then tried to walk out with the container of food & the liquor. When an employee tried to stop her she allegedly pulled a knife.

I love apps man, in fact I want that on my tombstone when I die. "Here lies a man that loved apps." I love them so much, I almost want to defend this woman but I can't, it's bad optics. I can see getting aggravated, finding out that the "all you can eat" app menu is limited to what you can eat on site. That's how they get ya', they tell you, you can eat all you can and when you try to move the party back to your apartment, you are shut down by someone in a Friday's polo shirt. The lesson here is read the fine print.


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