New York Yankees pitchers and catchers need to report to Tampa, FL in two weeks for Spring Training. That just sounds so sweet. Put aside the obvious, that this Yankee team on paper looks special, this means Spring is right there.

Every winter I look forward to this day. The day when I get to work and start compiling my Sports report for the Ethan and Lou show and read that it's almost time for Spring Training. Two weeks from now it starts, first the pitchers and catchers, then you blink and everyone is there. Opening Day is around the corner.

Warm weather is so close I can taste it. Baseball is close. This, to me is everything. There is nothing like being an American baseball fan. You have a built in conversation with other fans over the course of 162 games, the game itself is unique and beautiful. The menu of beer and hot dogs is simple and delicious.

I'm READY. This year's Yankee team cannot take the field soon enough for me. It's one big bat after another. I can only hope they don't screw it up. This is THAT kind of team. The story is either they are a winner or someone screwed the pooch. Let's ROLL!

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