Paul Manafort Drive has been the ire of some residents in New Britain, CT for a while now, but it has not bothered others.

According to, some don't seem to be affected by it at all and there are a few people in town who admit they don't know who Paul Manafort is. If you haven't been paying attention to politics these days, Paul Mannafort is an American political lobbyist and President Trump's former Campaign Chairman who is currently on trial for bank and tax fraud. Following this trial, he faces yet another set of charges and another trial in court.

While a group of people were petitioning to rename to street, others wanted it to remain the same. Why? Because it's actually named after Paul Manafort Senior, former mayor of New Britain, and father of the one on trial. So city authorities took care of business the other day, by making a minor change to the street sign. They added the abbreviation 'Sr' to the signage reports the Hartford Courant to make it clear which Paul Manafort the street is named for. Hopefully New Britain's problem is now solved!

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