Aaron Boone will be the next Yankee manager according to multiple, reputable reports. I can see the ad now.

ATTN: potential pro baseball managers. The New York Yankees are seeking a new leader. This person must be well organized, be proficient in Microsoft Word, have a head and own a Yankee hat. 

If this sounds like you, we have an exciting opportunity for you to head up our stud baseball team and make 2018 a year you will never forget. Please send your resume to 1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451, ATTN Brian Cashman. 

Candidates will be subject to limited background checks, will be asked 7-12 questions and must have a valid N.Y. State Driver's license. Good luck, get your resume's in with a head shot by Dec. 1st. 

I'm imaging this is what the job ad looked like. It likely was on all the big job listing websites.. It's pretty cool to see a long shot get a chance like this.

This is AS American a story as I have ever seen. You apparently need 0 experience to run the most storied franchise in sports history. It's way out and wild. Had I known that having "A FACE" was one of the major qualifications I would have thrown my hat in the ring.

This is goofy banana's. Of course I'm exaggerating, of course the guy spent a majority of his LIFE in baseball, or course he was a Yankee and by all accounts he knows the game well.

This is not, however the Washington Nationals, this is not the Florida Marlins. It's not  a starter job for someone whose never done it. This is the New York Yankees. Not just any Yankee team either. This team is young and loaded.

Of course I hope it works. I will be the first to say "what do I know?" if it does work. I'll even go as far as apologizing on the Ethan and Lou show to Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman and their families. I hope I have to do that.

If it does not work, it will be regarded as one of the weirdest and dumbest things done in Yankee history. Boston fans won't be the only fan base referring to him as Aaron F'ing Boone.

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