So what really happened Tuesday (May 15)? Why was this storm so powerful?

We've had many pretty bad storms roll through our area over the years, but what made this storm one of the worst to hit Greater Danbury and the Hudson Valley?

5 confirmed Tornadoes, 3 confirmed Macrobursts, massive tree damage in towns all over Greater Danbury and Dutchess and Putnam Counties, residents left in the dark for days, five fatalities as well. So just what was it about this storm that caused all the destruction. We've had some bad storms in the past, but anyone you ask will tell you the same thing, "I've never seen anything like this before — ever".

I had a lot of questions, and needed answers. What made this storm so different, so destructive? There was only one person to ask, and that was our local Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin at the CT Weather Center. I knew he would have an explanation, and he did. Listen as he explains it all:

Our website is loaded with all kinds of information on the storm, here are some of the stories you might want to check out.

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