The State of Connecticut has a few new laws on the books that took effect over the weekend while most of us slept. These new laws involve taking cheap lighters off the shelves like Large Dave pointed out last week to laws for law enforcement accountability, gun safety, juvenile justice, and much more.

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When I say more, I am talking about at least 80 new laws on the books. I guess since they are called "lawmakers", I suppose that is what they think they are supposed to do when they get elected, make new laws. It seems like we have more laws than we know what to do with and they always seem to be up to interpretation in just about any situation when they are put to the test. Anyway, laws are designed to keep things safe for us all, and here is a couple of what is new in that world of what you "can and cannot do"...legally.

With help from Fox 61, let's break down some of the new stuff that Connecticut citizens now have to abide by. We mentioned juveniles, those changes are in regard to when arrests are made. A juvenile that is under arrest must be brought before a judge within five business days of the arrest, courts will also now be able to order electronic monitoring if the juvenile was charged with more than one vehicle theft or property damage charge. And a child may be held now for 8 hours instead of 6 in a community correctional center. More fresh changes for October to the juvenile system are available here.

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How about guns, always a hot topic here in Connecticut and around the nation? New laws deal with gun safety when it comes to consumers buying them. Police Departments around the state must be notified if the buyer of a gun or transferee fails a background check. The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection application must be filled out by a gun potential gun owner which includes a national background check.

That is just a sampling of the new, fun laws our elected lawmakers have come up with. You can see the complete listing here from the Connecticut General Assembly and from the Office of Legislative Research Public Act Summary. Super exciting reading for sure. Thanks for hanging out with me, try to stay on the right side of the law, and I will see you again real soon.

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