The mother of four, Nury Chavarria was supposed to be on a plane back to Guatemala on July 20 but sought refuge inside a New Haven church.

According to the Washington Post, on Wednesday, July 26, Chavarria received the news she was anxiously awaiting. The United State Immigration and Custom Enforcement agreed to take another look at her case which resulted in a federal judge issuing an order granting her a stay in the country. The following is a video just after Chavarria sought refuge in a New Haven church.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut spoke on Chavarria's behalf saying:

Nury will be allowed to temporarily return to her home in Norwalk as we continue to fight for long-term relief. The facts in this case are clear and compelling, and I am hopeful that once granted her day in court Nury will awarded the legal status she deserves.

If Nury could, she would tell President Trump she's not a criminal. I want to tell him, "To have compassion for us." Bravo Nury! If you were in Nury Chavarria's shoes, would you do anything you could, even if it was seeking sanctuary to stay in this country?

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