Norwalk mother, Nury Chavarria was supposed to be on a plane to Guatemala on Thursday following her deportation order, but instead, skipped out on her flight.

Thursday afternoon, instead of boarding that court ordered flight to her native Guatemala, Chavarria chose to seek refuge inside a church in New Haven with her daughter. According to a story in the Hartford Courant, the Rev. Hector Otero told the Courant:

We have opened the doors of our congregation to serve Ms. Chavarria as a sanctuary church.

Iglesia de dios pentacostal in New Haven - Google Stretview
Iglesia de dios pentacostal in New Haven - Google Stretview

Personally, I applaud this bold move by Chavarria. I echo the sentiments of the Director of Immigrant's Rights and Racial Justice for Community Change in Washington, D.C., Kika Matos, when she told the Courant:

She doesn't deserve this. She is a hardworking, taxpaying resident. Why she is being singled out baffles me!

Even though the church doesn't have any money to spare, 300 people have volunteered to lend a helping hand to make sure Chavarria has the emotional, spiritual, and mental support she will need.

Question for you, Do you think she's being used as an example for Trump's amended immigration policies? Do you think she should be sent back to Guatemala or do you think her case should be reviewed?

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