Can someone tell me why a woman who's been in the states for 24 years and has four children who are U.S. citizens is being deported?

According to a NewsTimes article, Nuvy Chavarria, who lives in Norwalk and has been in this country for 24 years, has no criminal record, and has been raising her four children, who are U.S citizens here in the United States. She was her children's sole support. So why was she denied a stay of deportation? Why was she ordered to board a plane to Guatemala today without her kids.

She wasn't a "bad hombre", as President Trump phrased it. She worked 15 years as a housekeeper to support her kids. Under Obama's administration, you could be deported if you had a criminal record. Trump's policies on deportation don't make those distinctions.

Call it the luck of the draw even though she followed all the rules checking in with ICE as required. My question, which wasn't addressed in the NewsTimes article, is "Over those 24 years, why didn't she go through the process to seek U.S citizenship?

In an article inside the Feb 21 issue of the New York Times it reads:

President Trump has directed his administration to enforce the nation's immigration laws more aggressively.

When Chavarria reported to ICE in June, they told her to pack up her belongings because she would be leaving the country on July 20.

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