Joel and Samantha have been married since 2010 and live with their two children in New Fairfield. Joel has been ordered to leave the country on August 17.

According to a story in, on July 20, Joel Colindres was given a deportation order by an officer of Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) in Hartford ordering him to be on a plane to Guatemala on August 17. After the order was executed Joel was fitted for an ankle bracelet which he must wear until he boards the flight.

Joel and Samantha have two children, 6 year old Preston and 2 year old, Lila. When asked why he left his home country in the first place, he said:

Life in Guatemala was dangerous. I was held at gunpoint many times. I'm scared to go back. I'm afraid that I'll be kidnapped or killed and that my kids won't have a father.

Here's where Colindres made his mistake. Years ago, he missed a court date in Texas which caused him to receive an 'order of removal' which he told authorities he never received because they sent the notice to the wrong address. 

Deported Guatemalan Immigrants Arrive On ICE Flight from U.S
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Should a man with no criminal record, who works as a carpenter full time and is married with two small children be deported just because he missed a court date years ago? As Trump said, I thought only 'bad hombres' were targeted for deportation?

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