Since the storm of the century hit out local area most of us have been without power, which has it's dangers and inconveniences. In my house, it's just an inconvenience. Everyone, thankfully is healthy so no medical devices to run or anything. The inconvenience part really comes in with the kids more than anything. You know, they complain because they can't Youtube, Fortnite, etc.

I tend to try and check my work e-mails about five times before it sinks in that I can't. There is no TV so my wife and I have no arguments over what to watch so we sit and talk which is nice. All the sudden it's nighttime and instead of staying up to binge a show or watch the Yankees, I go to bed. No lights, no noise and I am knocked out. It's beautiful.

We are talking whacked out RAPID EYE MOVEMENT sleep like you read about. This is not breaking news that people sleep better when the devices are off, I know this. Instead it's a great reminder that putting the phone down and shutting the TV off means I can have a healthier life. I'm going to institute a "tech blackout" in my house, that's it, this is the new rule.

Flash Forward 3 weeks - Everyone is up till midnight slamming caffeine beverages, binging Netflix shows and "Fortnite'in" they asses off.

Here is what has to say about "tech" and it's relationship to sleep.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

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