Students from Newtown Schools will join other students from Virginia, Maryland, and Florida in an organized protest rally at NRA Headquarters in Virginia this Saturday.

This weekend's rally was inspired by the student-organized national movement, and  groups of High Schools, including Newtown will be there focusing their effort on the NRA's relationship with lawmakers and the effect on potential gun control measures.

The rally marks the two month anniversary of the Parkland Florida shooting that killed 17 people.

Jenny Wadhwa, a junior at Newtown High School and member of the Jr. Newtown Action Alliance will be one of the featured speakers confirmed for the event.

According to, one of the student organizers talked about the meaning of this particular protest.

We are calling out the gun lobby for their opposition to even sensible changes.

Of course, Newtown students have a close bond with victims of school shootings from across the country. It was back in December of 2012 that 20 children and

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