The Bad News: The Yankees will not win the AL East. There are just a handful of games left in the regular season and the Sox are three games up. The Sox do not lose when the Yankees win. Another thing is that the one-game wild card playoff scares me with such a young team. If the nerves get to them and they have a bad afternoon, it's on to the golf course.

The Good News: The Yankees will get a wild card spot, and with 45 home runs and 100-something RBIs, Aaron Judge should win Rookie of the Year. Gary Sanchez is one of the best young offensive catchers in the game, Didi Gregorious is way more important to the bomber success than he gets credit for, and the bullpen is deep and really talented. Assuming Luis Severino Does not pitch the way he did yesterday, we should win a one-game wild card against the Twins or Angels.

It's mostly good news, and assuming the Yanks make it past a one-game wild card, this season has been a success. They can not assume, though, that they will be back next year — ask the Mets how that plays out. The Yankees are young and talented enough that there is no reason to not go for it right now. Go Yanks — thumbs down!

P.S. - Yesterday's game featured a scary moment where a little girl got hit by a Todd Frazier foul ball

All reports say she is in the hospital still and SHOULD be OK. I hope that is the case. This changed my mind about making the protective netting in MLB stadiums mandatory. Put the nets in, no one wants to see something tragic happen from a foul ball. The exit velocity of a baseball is sometimes well over 100 mph. Get the nets in now.

The Sox/Yankees Rivalry Is Way Strong Here at i95:

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