Lawmakers in New York State are debating on a bill that would allow police to do a "Textalyzer" investigation at any accident scene to see if texting was involved in the crash.

How many times have you been guilty of either talking on your cell phone, or texting while driving? If you're in New York State, you better watch out. There's now a bill before the New York State Senate which would give Police the right to search a driver's cell phone to see if distracted driving may have led to the cause of an accident.

According to, Evan's Law, which is named after Evan Lieberman, a New Castle teenager who lost his life in 2011 due to a distracted driver, would be the first law of its kind anywhere in the country to receive legislative approval.

The "Textalyzer" would allow police at an accident scene to go through a drivers cell phone and text messages to see if there was any use of that phone prior to the accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 391,000 drivers were injured during 2015 in distracted driver accidents, and driving while texting is six times more dangerous then driving while intoxicated. Despite the staggering statistics some 67 percent of drivers still use their cell phones while driving.

Get Real Productions has released a video documenting the Lieberman family's tragic loss of their son, and the possible new laws regarding distracted driving.