We're getting ready to ring in the New Year, which means we have to focus on really important issues -- like how to cure the hangover you'll most likely have on New Year's Day.

Listen, we all celebrate differently. Some of us don't drink on New Year's Eve and that's a respectable and responsible decision. Others drink to oblivion and start off the New Year feeling absolutely miserable. So, I thought we could team up together and share our hangover remedies for those unfortunate souls who will be motionless on New Year's Day.

My go-to hangover cure is water and Motrin as soon as I wake up. Then, I head back to sleep for an hour or two and let it set in.

After you wake up for the second time, it's time to seriously hydrate. Continue with water, but you also have to get a fountain soda. I know you don't want to leave the house, but I'm telling you. Coca-Cola with extra ice. You'll thank me.

And of course, you need to refuel. So stop at your favorite deli and get your favorite sandwich. It doesn't have to be a bacon, egg and cheese, but the oilier it is, the better.

What's your cure for the New Year's Day hangover? Let us know on Facebook and enjoy your New Year's Eve, but please be safe and responsible.

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