A reportedly somewhat sad movie about triplets separated at birth in 1961 and meeting by chance as adults hit theaters recently, according to the Putnam Daily Voice.

It’s called Three Identical Strangers and it’s about a man from Scarsdale who realized he was one of three triplets back in 1980. The very tragic part of the story is why they were separated. Psychologists were studying them for decades, as they followed the boys’ development through the years. They were all raised relatively close to each other in the tri-state area.

The entire story is detailed in a Sundance documentary, which is full of the twists and turns of their lives, including a bout with mental illness and the passing of one of the triplets.

Right now, the movie is playing in limited release in New York City but it looks like it’s getting a lot of critical acclaim and will make its way to more theaters soon.

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