I was cruising the New Milford Facebook page last week (10/13/21) when I happened upon this photo.

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It was posted by Scott Michael Elia who simply wrote: "People really need to learn how to park."

Scott Michael Elia
Scott Michael Elia

I asked Scott to give me some background, what New Milford parking lot he was in, the time of day etc. He said it was around 2-3 pm and he was in the Stop and Shop/Wal-Mart parking lot. Soon after his post went live, the comments came flooding in and continued for days. These are some of the many comments:

Jackie DiBattista - "That’s the “don’t park next to me” park job, that would make me want to park right next to them."

Jennifer Alvarez - "And a Suburban is a BIG ASS car. I used to drive one when I was a nanny, nearly cleared everything in my path."

Rebecca Shaw - "A-holes do it purposely so no one Can park on either side and scratch their car."

Maggi Piazza Plevka - "sometimes I don't blame them. I got out of Aldi's today and they parked inches from my car."

Mike Whitely - "They think they are royalty."

Craig Andrew Madzuk - "Well. It’s a good thing there are 100 other open spots. Seriously, focus on something else."

Sherri Wortman - "I wish I had parked this way at store today because when I came out from shopping with parking spots all around some jerk was parked about 6 inches from the right side of my car and I just hope no one got out of it on that side."

War Jay - "Who cares really"

Travis Mareno - "If SOMEONE parking angled is the worst of your problems to make you go out of your way to take a picture i would like some of what your smoking."

John Davidoski - "Damn. I usually only see this with bentleys and Lamborghinis. But a suburban?? It’s not that nice lol. Just grab a buddy and park stupid close to them."

Brian Bertando - "Did you find a spot still. ???? If they parked next to your car like that maybe I would say something butttttt who cares?"

Mike Skelly - "Maybe they really had to pee."

Priscilla Cabrera - Yup! This is why I park all the way at the end of parking lots and sometimes have to park at diagonal so I’m not sticking out. It’s a tough fit depending on the parking lot. I use my trunk a lot and when someone butts up to your back it’s hard to use the trunk (it’s a long vehicle so it takes up more then a full space at times) I don’t do it to be an ass and I can definitely drive my beast with no issues.

I Also do a small diagonal out of courtesy at times for smaller cars, so I’m not sticking out for people to not see when they are backing out

Charles Tuz -"Park farther away and walk

But most people are to lazy to walk."
Mike Flynn - "Saw a guy at Caraluzzis in bethel the other day take up 4 on purpose and that parking lot is always packed....di--heads."
Everyone has their opinion but the ones that make me shake my head are the ones who actually type "who cares." You, you care on some level, if you didn't you'd just keep it moving right on to the next Facebook post.

It looks like this section of the parking lot was not mobbed, there seems to be plenty of spaces available but it's inconsiderate and you see it all the time. This lot usually has plenty of spaces as long as you are willing to park like 4 miles away from the entrance.

I have noticed that Stop and Shop and Shop Rite parking lots are disaster for a variety of reasons. If you ever go to the Shop Rite parking lot on Federal Road in Brookfield or the Stop and Shop on Mill Plain Road in Danbury, you know what I'm talking about.

At the Mill Plain Stop and Shop, it's difficult to get a spot any day of the week, but the Brookfield Shop Rite is truly hell on Earth, and the scene of a near miss for me. About six months ago, I was there and history was nearly made when an old man almost struck me with his vehicle four times.

I got out of my car and began to walk to the entrance when the man backed out of his spot doing a solid 60 miles per hour in reverse. I was able to elude the vehicle and kept walking. The man then threw his car into drive, he seemed surprised that the car jumped into gear and almost hit me again.

Next he put his car back into park, put it back in drive and almost hit me once more. Finally, as I was crossing the street and about to be nearing the entrance, he pulled out and did a U-turn around me, first he was on my right, then in front of me and then on my left. I guess technically he almost hit me three more times so I'm losing count.

The fact is senior citizens have taken complete control of that lot, they are in charge and they know it. Blanketed in after market ergonomic pillows and beaded seat covers , they are exceeding reasonable speed limits, backing out without looking and banging unnecessary U-turns with no regard for human life.

Stay safe out there kids, parking your car and shopping is a most dangerous game in the Greater-Danbury area.

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