CT's official nickname is the Constitution State. It was given that designation officially by the General Assembly in 1959.

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Despite its nickname, a new study says CT may not be as patriotic as residents think, in fact, the Wallethub findings rank CT #48 overall.

You might be asking, what factors were used to get these findings? There were two major umbrella categories; military engagement and civic engagement. The total points  a state could earn though military engagement was 25 and 75 points would be granted to any state getting a perfect civic engagement score.

Some of the more specific factors included were:

  • Active-Duty Military personnel
  • Veterans
  • Average Military enlistees
  • Share of Adults who voted in 2020 Presidential Election
  • Share of Adults who voted in the 2020 Primary Election
  • Peace Corps Volunteers

They shook those numbers up in a bag and came out with tons of answers, but the crown for Most Patriotic State went to Montana at #1. Our Tri-State neighbors also ranked very poorly in Patriotism with New Jersey coming in at #44 and New York was dead-last at #50.

What does it all mean? A lot of it depends on how you view the methodology of the study. For instance, should a perfect civic engagement score carry more weight than a perfect military score? I say no but I don't think that would have helped my home State (CT) anyway.

When you are in the cellar on a study like this, it means there are obvious disconnections with patriotism in the Nutmeg State. In case you are curious, it doesn't seem the folks at WalletHub looked into how many residents fly a flag on their home. Patriotism is more than waving the stars and stripes, but I still think that is worth a small point total.

Source: WalletHub

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