We've all got a few old cans of paint in our garages, or that huge jug of Ortho that your dad bought in 2012 and never used. If you've been tempted to just throw them in the trash, don't. There are quite a few things that can be classified as Hazardous Household Waste, and these items need to be properly disposed of. Coming up on Saturday October 3, 2020, New Milford is going to hold a regional household hazardous waste collection event, where you can properly dispose of all the things that clutter our under-sink area and garage shelves.

, with proof of residence. The event is happening at the John Pettibone Community Center on Pickett District Road, from 9AM to 3PM.

Here's a list of items that you can bring to the event : Antifreeze or brake fluid, arts and craft supplies, BBQ Propane cylinders, chips from removed lead based paint (in plastic bag), compact fluorescent light bulbs, drain or oven cleaner, dry cleaning fluids, engine and radiator cleaners, electronics, floor cleaners, fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent lights, insect spray and rodent killers, kerosene, latex paint, metal polish, muriatic acid, oil based paints, paint thinner, PCB contaminated items, pesticides and herbicides in 5 gallon or small containers, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, rechargeable batteries, rust preventatives, sealant, septic system cleaners, solvents or degreasers, transmission fluid, and wood preservatives and strippers.

You cannot bring:

Alkaline batteries, ammunition, fireworks, asbestos, car batteries, controlled substance / drugs, explosives and highly reactive materials, freon or unknown gases, garbage, infectious medical waste, motor oil, radioactive materials, smoke detectors, or tires.

The organizers ask that you wear a mask, and stay in your vehicle, as they will be adhering to social distancing guidelines.


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