More and more non-residents are reportedly invading New Milford to take advantage of their parks, and that's got residents up in arms. Now the Town Council is taking matters into their own hands.

It's a problem brought upon by the popularity of some of the beautiful parks that are located in New Milford. Authorities say that one park in particular, Lynn Deming Park, had been overrun by non-residents over the 4th of July holiday, making it difficult for residents of the town to not only enjoy the park, but to even get into the park.

Here's the main problem: according to, non-residents are avoiding entering the park through the main entrance and parking on adjacent side streets. They are also reportedly avoiding park checkpoints by sneaking into the park through wooded areas, and some residents are bringing in car loads of non-residents.

New Milford's Mayor Pete Bass took to Facebook to lay down the law and shed some points of light for residents and non residents:

The New Milford Town Council met on Monday and have proposed posting signs to alert non residents that the park is for New Milford residents only, tow away zone signage, also putting up fences in area's that people use to sneak into the park, and possibly even adding extra security personnel.

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