A new Mexican Restaurant is headed to the Hat City. Los Rivera Café opens soon in Danbury, CT at 1 Ives Street next door to Two Steps Downtown Grille.

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The project has been in the works for quite awhile now, and owner Diana Rivera told us it's nearing completion. Rivera says she's submitted her applications with the City of Danbury, seeking a work permit for a plumbing that needs to be completed.

She told me when that project is done, she will be ready to open her doors. Rivera said city officials told her the application process could take a month and she submitted her application three weeks ago. Once she has the permit in hand, Rivera estimates the plumbing work will take a week and she will be ready to open her doors.

I asked Rivera what kind of experience she wants to create for her customers, she replied:

"I want people to come, enjoy and have a nice time. I've lived in the New York City area since I was 11, I want to take something from New York City and bring it here."

She says the the new eatery will serve traditional Mexican cuisine and serve it the way they do in Mexico.

This is the second announcement of a new business opening in the downtown area of Danbury in the last three days. Pair that with the Danbury "streetscape project" to rebuild and beautify city sidewalks, and add in the massive residential complex being built at the old site of the News Times. The Dining and Entertainment district in the Hat City has been starving for a rebirth and it seems to be here.

Danbury is on the road back! I feel it, do you feel it?

I'm excited for Diana and her family but selfishly, I'm pretty pumped up for me. My wife and I love eating Mexican food and it just so happens we live within walking distance of the new restaurant. I'll see you there.

P.S. Something special, something artistic and something quite different will be inside the building to look at as you dine. I'll be there before the place opens to share with you what that is.

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