The work on phase one of Danbury's Streetscape Renaissance Project could begin as early as this November.

City Hall's streetscape project to enhance the appearance of downtown Danbury was just awarded a four million dollar grant from the state. Danbury Mayor, Mark Bougton says, "We're going to get a lot done with this project" according to an article in the

The area targeted for this portion of downtown Danbury's revitalization includes the Main St. and the Kennedy Avenue area along with the streets surrounding the CityCenter Green and the Danbury Ice Arena. ultimate objective of the project is to bring Main St. back to the height of its prosperity. Some of the early improvements include replacing its asphalt-patched sidewalks with scored concrete and granite inlays and installing larger tree planters to make room for decorative plantings and there's much more to come.

But as the news-times printed, "The reality is that Main St. is a neighborhood of mixed signals" and I agree. How do you bring back the glory days of Main Street when it was king? The City of Danbury is ranked as 'The 4th Most Diverse Small City' in the country which Danburians take great pride in. For all the suggested improvements recommended in the 'Downtown Danbury Streetscape Renaissance Project, click on this link.


Is Danbury up to the challenge of re-energizing Main St. with the inclusion of the city's rich cultural heritage? If there's any one city in Connecticut that can make that happen, I'll put my money on the great City of Danbury!

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