Jerry Barton, a lifelong resident of Danbury and one of its biggest fans, has joined forces with his aunt Terry Waterhouse Scalzo to open a new coffee shop at the corner of Main and West Streets, and they're calling it the City Center Café.

Barrister's tried to make a go of it at the same location but closed last summer after two years in business, so I reached out to Jerry to ask him what was the motivation behind his decision to open a new business in downtown Danbury and this is what he told me;

My vision is to grow CityCenter. With Kennedy Flats and Brookview 2 coming in, it's growing more and more. CityCenter needs to shine; the area can thrive. I live in Kennedy Flats and love the downtown area. It has a lot to offer, lots of different foods from different cultures but it is missing a few things I would like to see happen.

Jerry explained that the City Center Café would include a full coffee bar that will include specialty drinks named after local things here in the city along with notable local people. I asked him who those notable people might be, and he gave me a great answer.

 I would like for you and Lou to come in and make your own drinks which I will name after you.


Erica, Ethan, and Lou at 'Empire of the Incas'
Erica, Ethan, and Lou at 'Empire of the Incas'

Also included at the café will be grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, gluten-free baked goods, along with a box where people can make suggestions for new drinks and food.

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Jerry Burton has some big ideas that he'd like to present to city officials, like more family-friendly areas for kids, maybe an arcade, or a small play space for the little kids.

Jerry and his aunt Terry also plan to work with non-profit organizations and Naugatuck Valley Community College, which has a branch in downtown Danbury. The City Center Café will give their students a great place to study and sip their favorite beverages.

Downtown Danbury - Lou Milano
Downtown Danbury - Lou Milano

The City Center Café is projected to open sometime in August. We are all about the greater Danbury area because of the connections we've made with Mayor Joe Cavo and the many businesses in CityCenter. You can be sure Lou and I will keep you updated on Danbury's Streetscape Project and any other exciting developments as the downtown area continues to grow and prosper.

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