After studying and surveying the state of Connecticut, has determined the top safest parts of the state to live in. The list contains 61 different locales. The highest are in Fairfield County Connecticut as reported by the Patch.

This list was generated from statistics compiled including crime rates provided the FBI and the United State Census Bureau. says:

This grade takes into account key indicators of a location’s safety, including violent and property crime rates as well as resident reviews, in an attempt to measure an area’s safety and security.

To see the entire list click here, but to recap the top we start with the top five:

  1. Weston
  2. Wilton
  3. Ridgefield
  4. Easton
  5. Madison

Bethel is number 8, Newtown comes in at number 12, and Darien is in 15th place. Is your hometown on this list? Does this list seem accurate to you? Let us know in the comment section if you have any thoughts.


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