No food satisfies me quite like a mid-rare Prime Rib of Beef. Filet Mignon and Porterhouse steaks are number two and three on my list, but a bone-in Ribeye is the stuff my carnivore dreams are made of. It's surprisingly tough to find a good steakhouse here in Connecticut, there are quite a few restaurants that churn out the cheap stuff, but a certain few serve Prime-rated beef, the highest grade of American beef. If you put the name "Prime" in your restaurant's name, you better serve the good stuff, and that's what's hopefully coming to Cheshire, there's a steakhouse being built in town, and they guys that own it are calling it "Bone In Prime Steakhouse", and gentlemen, you have my attention.

Mrs. Large and I were driving along Rt. 10 (Highland Ave) in Cheshire over the weekend, and we saw that the former location of Perfectly Prepared at 1410 Highland Ave in town was under construction, and it now had a bright red and black sign with the words "Bone In Prime Steak House, Coming Soon" inside the silhouette of big bull out front. Bone In Prime Steakhouse is in a good location too, it's in a relatively quiet part of Cheshire, right across the street from Richard Chevrolet, and it's closest competition is the excellent Viron Rondo to the North, and really, no close competition to the South.

According to, Bone In Prime's owners have invested around $700,000 in renovations, and pending their liquor license approval, hope to open up in mid-March 2021. I personally can't wait to try it out, good luck Bone In Prime.


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