Americans are getting tired. After almost a year, the coronavirus pandemic continues to chop away at our tolerance for waiting in line, especially for takeout meals.

According to an in-depth survey by the online business technology company, Bluedot, titled The State of What Feeds Us, restaurants try their customer's patience concerning waiting times for takeout orders.

Bluedot has been surveying the restaurant industry since the start of the pandemic and the numbers tell us that our readiness to wait for takeout has dropped from 10 minutes six months ago to six minutes in January 2021. Before your head explodes waiting for your food, take a look at this mini-documentary about the plight of restaurants during this pandemic.

You won't be surprised to know that Bluedot's survey found that consumers have "pandemic fatigue" and that enthusiasm for safety protocols has declined from 80% to 69%.

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Personally, I, Ethan Carey, am one very patient human except when I almost lost it at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants recently. I had called for a takeout order and arrived at the given time for a pickup but proceeded to wait for another 20 minutes, plus, they had a 10-year-old kid working the window. I will not be going back.

Another interesting conclusion from the Bluedot survey shows that 50% of Americans who hop in their cars to pick up takeout find it very important to have little to no contact when they pick up their order.

Also, 77% of survey respondents are ordering food, groceries and other items through two or more apps, and 80% experience fear and anxiety when walking into a store or restaurant.

My wife and I haven't been inside a restaurant since the pandemic began in February of 2020, but we're going to give it a go this Friday at Barberies Black Angus. She's had both shots of the vaccine and I recently tested negative for COVID-19. To view the methodology of the Bluedot survey along with other results, click on You'll be surprised by the fast food numbers.

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