Here's a suggestion for you, when you're doing research for an article about massage parlors and prostitution, turn "Safe Search" on in your settings, because damn Connecticut, you're dirty.

According to the Watertown Police Department, a local spa on Main Street brought in two females from New York City who were allegedly accepting payment for sexual services inside the establishment.

Last Thursday, February 18, 2021, after receiving numerous complaints from the public about prostitution activity at the business, Officers from the Watertown Police Department executed a search and seizure warrant at Golden Phoenix Spa, 1278 Main Street in Watertown.

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The Spa is located in the strip mall between Burger King and 16 Straits. Detectives determined during their investigation that employees were allegedly accepting payments for sexual activities at the establishment. Based on information gathered during their investigation, police say it also indicated that two female parties in the business were driven to Watertown from New York City and had been in the building for the past three days prior to the search and seizure warrant execution.

As of the article's publishing, which was on Friday afternoon (February 19) at 3:30 PM, Watertown Police said that no arrests had been made and that their investigation into the business and it's management team was ongoing.

Law enforcement agencies around Connecticut took out most of these types of establishments in the early 2000's around the state as horrible stories of human trafficking and the dark stories of the sex trade emerged from the sugarcoated versions of the lies we were told in the 1900's.

Nice job WPD.

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