You go into the convenience store, leave the car unlocked and running. It's 10 degrees out, you wanna run the heat and you'll only be a minute. That's a mistake and according to New York State Police, thieves are taking advantage of that mistake in Brewster, NY.

The Patch reports that the New York State Trooper barracks in Brewster is warning residents that thefts from cars is on the rise in Bear country. Police say there is one particular vehicle that is on their radar.

The suspect drives an Infinity with a stolen CT plate (AU31375), waits for victims to leave their car unattended and strikes. Troopers say the person takes wallets and smart devices.

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Police are urging Brewster residents to lock their vehicles and to call (845) 677-7300 if they see any suspicious activity.

I know it's not a brilliant move, but I do this sometimes, not thievery, I mean I leave the car unattended and unlocked. Maybe part of me does it because I want to live in my idealized version of America. It probably has more to do with the fact that it's colder than the Hoth System right now.

I do know that if you are a criminal who steals from a car where the owner will be right back, you are absolutely insane. They are going to be right back, that's why they left the car running. What happens if they catch you?

In most cases, the criminal probably has the fear advantage on their side and the element of surprise. It's likely most people would freeze, get scared or run away, but what if they don't? What if they are like the old man in Dazed and Confused who got his mailbox broken?

It's a big risk to take, but you know what they say, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Right? Wrong! Get a job and buy your own belongings like grown ups do.

I know I'd be a piss poor criminal. For starters, I have a conscience and I would feel too bad to carry through with a petty crime of any kind. Secondly, whenever I've done the wrong thing in my life, things did not break my way.

To get away with a crime, especially one like this, you have to have a few things go your way. I'd accidentally get my belt loop stuck on something in the car or I'd rob someone with no money in their wallet.

What do you say when you get snagged inside a car you were trying to rob? "Um, it was making a funny sound, I wanted to check the gauges, the pressure gauges and relieve the valve, you should be good now. Hey, I'm stuck to the seat, little help?"

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