An entire school board in California has resigned after they were caught on video making fun of parents. According to CNN, the Oakley Union Elementary School District (OUESD) Board of Trustees thought they were having a private video conversation, but instead they were streaming to the public.

One board member said:

If you're going to call me out, I'm going to f--- you up.

Another remarked:

They just want their babysitters back.

Superintendent Greg Hetrick announced on Friday (2/19/21) that the involved members had resigned. The video of the conversation was posted to Youtube later in the day and it contains unedited swears.

This is simple, what they said probably isn't all that great but who cares? They're kind of right, and they are people. Parents do want their "babysitters" back. I'm a parent and I'd like things to go back to normal.

I don't look at teachers as "babysitters" but that is the easiest way she could have put it. People are frustrated, we have a system in this country where parents who are not teachers go to work and we entrust the care and education of our children to America's teachers.

The whole system has been disrupted and everyone is feeling extremely inconvenienced. Now parents are working and doing a bulk of the education. On the other side, teachers are spending a lot of time dealing with parents, explaining software and chasing down assignments. Nothing is working the way it's supposed to be right now.

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These teachers deserve to be able to vent and they didn't mean to say bad words to you, they thought they were alone.

They should not have to resign over this, this "cancel culture" has to stop "cancelling". You know what the end result will be? These board members will be replaced with people who are probably far less qualified.

That's all that will happen. The teachers are not really sorry, they are sorry they got caught. This is how they feel and they are entitled to feel that way. Forcing people to apologize and turn over the keys to their career accomplishes nothing.

The self-righteous police have upended this country and we are not going to get it back unless we stop "cancelling" everyone that makes a mistake.

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