Dr. Alicia Roy, New Fairfield Schools' Superintendent, faced 30 unhappy parents with, what she called, "A magical personified olive branch?!"

From an article in the NewsTimes, the Superintendent explained the olive branch was a stick with paper ears with a mouth attached. Roy explained she offered it up as a peace offering to the district's staff the week before. This is what Roy told the NewsTimes, and I quote,

If I had to make one wish today, I wouldn't wish for anything material or anything that would amount to more than just having people who can look at each other and say, 'we want to work together and I know we can do that.'

Screenshot From YouTube Video by New Fairfield Schools
Screenshot From YouTube Video by New Fairfield Schools


Well, there we go people! I think we've got a solution to this complex issue. Whaaaat?

She went on to say that she made the ears larger than the mouth because she really needs to listen more than she talks.

In our last episode, I told you that 160 of 185 teachers in New Fairfield gave Roy a vote of no confidence. The president of the New Fairfield Board of Education, Keith Conway told the NewsTimes that after Roy's olive branch gesture, the union has not changed its stance.

As a member of the media and an innocent bystander, I'm not qualified to make any judgement calls. All I've seen and heard have come from the NewsTimes articles and Facebook posts that I've read. All three of my kids attended New Fairfield schools from kindergarten through high school. Most of our experiences were positive. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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