As we've previously reported, Airbnb is an issue that New Fairfield residents seem to be split on.


Yesterday was the second hearing held by the New Fairfield Zoning Commission to discuss the matter, according to the News Times. Those who say Airbnb rentals are a problem, say that renters cause unnecessary traffic, leave trash behind and make for noisy, short-term neighbors. Others don't want Airbnb to be banned locally because of the obvious rental income potential.

If I had a home people wanted to rent, I'd like to be able to rent it out when I was out of town to make a little extra cash. On the flip side, I have rented an Airbnb house in the past and it was a great experience. My cousins and I rented a beautiful cabin in the woods, we were respectful neighbors and cleaned up after ourselves.

Most people see why Airbnb rentals COULD BE a great idea. On paper, it is "people helping people" all the way around. However, it only works for everyone if you can count on everyone to behave themselves, and you can not.

Some people feel no responsibility to care about others wishes. Some people feel no responsibility to clean up after themselves and some people just don't care if they inconvenience others.

When I first heard about Airbnb years ago, I said, "Strangers are going to rent other strangers homes? What could go wrong?" Here we are.

The Zoning Commission says they will take in more input before drafting any regulations. The next time they will address the issue is at their October 5th meeting.

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