Gregg Miller explained to CNBC that dog balls made him a millionaire. Gregg is the 64 year old inventor of "Neuticles." They are testicular implants for dogs who have been neutered. They are made from silicone and cost around $300.

The inventor insists this does matter to dogs and they do notice that something is missing after their traumatic surgery. Well yeah, I would think so. I would notice. Think of the life a dog, what do they know best? They know food, they know they want it, they know when it's likely to be available and they know they like it. They also must know their body pretty well.

If you subtract part of that body while running errands at the strip mall they are going to notice they are light in the pants. I mean, dogs are nude all the time. It's gotta be embarrassing one day to be roaming around with 3 Amigos and the next day you are lone wolfin' it.

I don't know if this is good or bad for dogs I'm just trying to walk a mile in their paws. After a brief, mental stroll I say I am pro dog balls. The link below is NOT SAFE FOR WORK,  it contains bad words and strong opinions. If neither will make you happy you are free to not click play. 

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