If you don't show up on the first page of search engine results, I don't have the energy to chase you. I recently found it very tough to find a couple of pounds of dry ice, have you run into that?

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We just moved to our new place in Torrington, and I really wanted to do something special for our first Halloween in town. I wanted to buy a pound of dry ice to provide a little extra spookiness to the decorations outside of our door. A little fake smoke rising out of our pumpkin would have looked cool, right? You know, for the kids. I struck out everywhere in Connecticut.

I used to be able to get a bag of dry ice from a couple of local supermarkets, but from what I've read, some of the dry ice production has shifted during the pandemic to provide for the maintaining of the incredibly cold temperatures that the vaccines need in order to be transported. Is that still the case?

I tried calling quite a few places that showed up in my initial search results, and repeatedly struck out. Some of Connecticut's ice manufacturers are seasonal, and others have a minimum order of multiple pounds, like industrial-sized orders.

I guess I should have thought ahead and maybe ordered a stupid fog machine on Amazon or something, but I wanted to keep it simple and spend my $10 locally. Where do you get your dry ice to send perishables? Clue me in to your hook up.

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