Have you ever tried finding fresh avocados at 2 AM here in Connecticut? I have, and it's damn near impossible. Fairfield County has kept up with the 24-hour a day go of New York City, there are quite a few 24/7 businesses in Stamford, Norwalk, and Bridgeport,  but the rest of Connecticut? It seems as if we shut down between 9-11 PM.

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I've matured from a night owl in my 20's-40's to an early riser. I love going grocery shopping at 6-7 AM, before most of Torrington has woken up. I love going to 24-hour CVS at 3 AM even more, then, I truly have every aisle in the place to myself. We've had 24-hour grocery stores here in the past, haven't we? Can we get at least one in Danbury, Waterbury, Torrington, Southbury? I think I remember shopping in the Naugatuck and Waterbury Stop & Shop's past midnight back in the day?

I know the answer, it's companies maximizing their profits, only opening in the hours that the majority of the population is active, but that excludes the thousands of us early risers and insomniacs. We need our convenience too.

I noticed some grocery stores open in the middle of the night as I drove through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even Massachusetts. It can happen here too. We finally have Wegmans coming to Connecticut Ave in Norwalk, I'll even drive down there if they stay open past midnight. How about it Caraluzzi's? That spiffy new location on Mill Plain Road in Danbury would look pretty being open at 4 AM.

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