I love "BIG." Big skies, big sunsets, big moon, big animals. If it's big, I whip out my iPhone 6S and start snapping away.

I'll be the first to admit, I've written a bunch of blogs about Candlewood Lake, because it's one of my passions, but I've never written about some of the fascinating flying creatures that call Candlewood Lake their home.


After traveling the lake going on thirty-plus years, I finally noticed a batch of birds atop branches on the trees of Pine Island, which is that rather large island located between Candlewood Shores in Brookfield and the Candlewood Isle community in New Fairfield.

Migratory Cormorants Find Winter Refuge In Israel
Double Crested Cormorants - Gettyimages

These aquatic birds are called Double Crested Cormorants. They make their home along fresh water lakes and rivers, and honestly, I think they're a bit creepy looking -- almost like dressed down vultures.

The Cormorants have hooked beaks and swim low in the water and use their feet for propulsion to dive anywhere from 5 to 24 feet underwater to catch their dinner. Fascinating.

Candlewood Lake Cormorants - Credit - Ethan Carey
Candlewood Lake Cormorants - Credit - Ethan Carey

Another common bird species on Candlewood Lake is the Egret and/or Little Blue Herron. I've tried to sneak up on these little buggers as they stand perfectly still, mostly on boat docks, watching and waiting for something to eat. As soon as I slow down my boat to grab a photo, they gracefully fly away while uttering, "Humans, such pitiful creatures!"

Morning Mist Over the Serpentine in Hyde Park
Getty Images

Before I bore you for any longer, I'll put the wraps on my "Birds of Candlewood Lake" blog, and promise you that next time, I'll be researching the possibilities of a Candlewood Lake sea monster.

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