Wednesday the MTA said sex toy ads for a company called "Unbound" were too racy to appear on MTA train and subway rides. Thursday the MTA reversed their decision after being accused of "unequal treatment." This is all according to the NY Post. 

I guess if I were going to be critical of these ads it's that they are too colorful and kid friendly. I mean you go the "cartoon" route so you are not looking at nudity but all that does is draw young eyes to an ad they would likely not even notice.

I care less about the suggestive message and more about constantly being bombarded with advertising. There is no longer any place you can go without someone selling you something. It's the one,nice thing about "living on a budget" that I can think of. You can hit me with all the ads, you can hit me with the best ads and I likely cannot afford what you are selling me.

By the way this company says it sells "luxury sex toys." Aren't sex toys, by nature "luxury items?" The "luxury must comes in when you enter your credit card number. There is one specific product on the site that sells for $130 bucks. There has to be a cheaper way of getting some "fun time."


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